The free white label adult product shop to build your online presence.

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Brought to you by, the new Build a Toy Store program offers you a free “white label” e-commerce store to promote your online presence to your customers.

How it Works?

Get a free working store in just minutes and earn 20% commission on all sales!
This is the platform used by some of the largest adult product stores in the world!
Gain Access to the Admin and all its advanced tools for free!
  • 3200+ sex toys and adult products in stock for you to promote right now
  • You drive traffic and sales to your store​ from customers who want to shop online
  • We ​manage order processing, shipping, order support, and more
  • You customize your store​ to match your existing brand with our easy tools

Consumers Are Now Doing Most of Their Shopping Online

According to recent studies published in June 2016, consumers are now purchasing more online and it is hurting existing brick and mortar businesses.

"That’s a wakeup call for retailers… in order to stay competitive, brick and mortar stores need to have an online presence and be able to accommodate their customers online shopping needs."

Forbes Magazine - June 2016

"The shoppers reported that only 20% of their purchases were made in a store the conventional way… [whereas] 42% percent chose to search and buy entirely online, while the rest [combined] online and in-store shopping..."

Wallstreet Journal - June 2016

"It’s clear that consumers are willing to buy online, and it means that every brand – whether a manufactured product, service provider, or retailer – needs to have a strategy in place for addressing consumers who wish to engage online."

TheStarBiz - July 2016 has created to help its existing wholesale customers who currently have brick and mortar stores get online quickly and efficiently with a pre-made white label store already stocked with over 3200+ products and ready to go. provides the most in-demand, hard-to- find brands and top-selling products for your online store.
OVER 40 BESTSELLING BRANDS Frisky, Master Series, Zeus Electrosex, Strict, Inmi, Clean Stream, Vogue, Wand Essentials, Size Matters, Prisms, Love Botz Trinity Vibes and more!



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